This tool of the past is fast becoming a tool of the future.

   All over the western world people are turning away from noisy, fuel burning weed eaters and lawnmowers and taking up the scythe.

  Faster than a weed eater and less cost to buy and run, the scythe is healthier for your body, your mind, and the planet.

  The Schrockenfux factory in Austria have been making scythes since 1540. That’s 475years. They should know by now how to make scythe blades: And they do.

Now I have them available to buy, brand new, here in New Zealand. I have everything you need to get mowing as well as on-going instruction and advice and permanent contact with the greater world of scything.

I have four types of blade from trimming blades, for around the tricky bits, to full size field blades for serious mowers who want to bring in the hay.

Snaths (Handles) made of Swiss ash are available in two sizes, and sharpening stones and all the blade maintenance and conditioning gear you need to keep you mowing.

At present I am just stocking the basics to get us all mowing. Further down the track I’ll be selling other tools and running workshops to get us all together to learn from each other and have fun.

Keep watching this space!


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